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Default Re: New Playalongs are here!!!

Originally Posted by Phil Maturano View Post
If anyone is interested, I have a series of new playalongs coming out. The first one is already posted on my blog for download. I am not turning it into a book for sale through a publisher. It will only be availble through my website... online.

I hope you dig it and will give me some feedback. Here is the info.

Its finally here! Inner clock 2! The follow up from the extremely popular “Working the inner clock” book.

I have a new collection of play alongs designed and written with specific objectives in mind. Each track targets certain subdivisions and grooves. 16th notes, 8th notes etc. Each track will have a chart, and this is something new! Each track will have different versions. Each version changes in tempo in increments of 5 BPM. So that you can really work out your vocabulary, slow and fast. This really gives your grooves a chance sink and and get solid!

When you purchase a track you will get an email with…
1) The chart complete with an extensive rundown and analyisis, objective review, playing suggestions and tips.
2) mp3’s with all the Tempo versions
Version 1 = 95
Version 2 = 100
Version 3 = 105
Version 4 = 110
Version 5 = 115
Version 6 = 120

Enjoy it and feel free to write me with any questions or feedback.
Everyone looking for play-along material should check this link. The song is very stimulating, that chart and the playing suggestions are indeed incredibly extensive. The best value I had in education material since a long time.

Thanks Phil. I'll learn with this, and I'll have fun as well.
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