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Default Re: Cliff Almond here.....

Hi Cliff,

Great to see you here.

I wanted to tell you that you are a huge influence on me. I remember checking your stuff out during a particularly important time in my musical development. I first heard of you in 1989 or so. My first teacher hipped me to you. Since then I have been listening to a lot of your recordings.

Ir is amazing to me how different you sound on Wayne Krantz' gigs as opposed to Michel Camilo's. As a matter of fact, every gig seems to bring something different out of your style. Very cool.

Also, nice job on your online lessons. I checked out Lesson 5 with the play along track. It's nice to hear some real world advice from an active pro, Look gorward to hearing some more.

Could you talk about what it's like playing with the great Anthony Jackson? He's got to be my favorite bass player of all time. You two sound great together in all of the different projects I've heard you in. It must be so fun working with him. (I think I would be intimidated but excited!)

Thanks for all of the inspiration!!

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