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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

Iíve always liked rock music and back in the day (pre MTV) you had to go to a concert to see any bands. I had no money so I hardly went to any concerts. One night the concert came to me, Led Zeppelin ďSong Remains the SameĒ, Hudson Mall Cinema, Bonzo, that was it, I went out the next day and got a job at Arthur Treachers, I kid you not. I cooked some fish, saved some money, and bought my first kit. The following week I was playing in front of a group of WWII vets at a private party bashing out mostly Rolling Stones songs with a Bonham feel or at least what I though was a Bonham feel. Iím 43 years old now and after a small 12 year hiatus Iím back playing wicked hard and redeveloping my chops. Feels good to be back.
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