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Originally Posted by KISSthisdrummerchic View Post

Really? Is that all you care to know? You wanted information on whom (after researching myself) I consider to be one the most successful drummers of that genre in the last decade. It is true that you've done your research and have only found limited background. I haven't studied much of Mr. Paisley's material, but I did find that Sesar (sea~sir) has been with the project almost since the beginning of the performer's career. You don't see this very often. Not at this success rate. Many kudos on this drummer's career. Looking forward, there is surely more to come. However, I am going to take a stab and guess that if/when there ever came a time for the Ruler and his royal court to part ways... Mr. Sesar (King Caesar...yes, I am a Godzilla fan) would find himself "awakened by fulfilling a prophecy and an ancient song"....aka...back on a Rock throne!?! One to keep an eye on for sure. Best of luck and success...rock or you, Ben...wherever your crash lands!
since I live in Italy even the slightest piece of info about Ben Sesar is godsent!!
'Cause here in this desolate land I'm living in (in the musical sense) I'm a white fly to ask about Country Music, let alone about a country drummer...

My dream would be to go and see a Brad Paisley live show but I think it's a looser because Brad will never reach my country.

There isn't a proper page here at about Ben Sesar, something I was requesting also for the other great contemporary country drummer Chris McHugh, but Mr. Castiglioni never cared to answer my private messages about it.
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