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Default Re: The Mars Volta - Bedlam In Goliath

I haven't heard all of the new album yet, but the songs I have, I feel are again (like Amputecture) sub-standard for them. Deloused, Frances, Scab Dates, and Tremulant are f***ing incredible. Jon Theodore rocks my freaking socks off and the arrangements are nothing short of stellar.
The last two albums just seem like a sheer w*nkfest, which I sort of link to Omar and Cedric being The Mars Volta while everyone else are just supporting players. I I think giving Omar sole composition duties was pretty detrimental. As for Prigden, yeah I'm sick of those gospel/metal style chops. His overuse of the kick drum is probably the main thing that really hurts the music. Theodore was a lot more sparing with it, so it had a greater impact. He tended to use his hands to play erratic and unconventional patterns, while his bass drum work was solid and tied in with phenominal bass guitar work.
I'd really like to see TMV try and get back to what they were for their first 4 CDs, even if they stick with Prigden. I don't know what that means; more drugs, less drugs, less ancient spiritual sh*t that they seem to get off on, I don't know. They seem pretty messed up people.
But geez, could they put out a record back in the day...
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