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Default Re: The Mars Volta - Bedlam In Goliath

Originally Posted by rhydianjlewis View Post
You can tell that just from the mixed reviews this new album's had from critics.

I wouldn't call myself the biggest Mars Volta fan, just becasue i don't listen to some of the stuff of Frances The Mute a huge amount, and Amputechture hasn't got anywhere as much listening time as De-loused. When i first got De-loused, i realised that the sheer power of the music appealed to me, along with cedric's vocal melodies, which really soar in my opinion.

Sometimes the whole thing sounds like a crazy mess, especailly some of Omar's guitar madness, lol. But when they come together again, its amazing.
yah. I think the real beauty of the music is when they ascend from chaos into some kind of anthemic chorus or verse or something like that. This music is bi-polar. It can be chaotic and dissonant, but then it can become something, like you said, very powerful and yet very beautiful.
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