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Default Re: The Mars Volta - Bedlam In Goliath

Originally Posted by millerdakiller View Post
The Mars Volta are like Sushi. Some people love it, and other people wonder why your eating raw fish.
You can tell that just from the mixed reviews this new album's had from critics.

I wouldn't call myself the biggest Mars Volta fan, just becasue i don't listen to some of the stuff of Frances The Mute a huge amount, and Amputechture hasn't got anywhere as much listening time as De-loused. When i first got De-loused, i realised that the sheer power of the music appealed to me, along with cedric's vocal melodies, which really soar in my opinion.

Sometimes the whole thing sounds like a crazy mess, especailly some of Omar's guitar madness, lol. But when they come together again, its amazing.
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