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Default Re: The Mars Volta - Bedlam In Goliath

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Naughty copypasta Miller. Bad copypasta.

You could have at least written a brief summary of the piece. Presumably it's in favour of the new album?
what i copy pasted was the bio of the album from the mars volta website, i thought it was a very interesting story that anyone who enjoyed the mars volta would also enjoy. I didn't want to leave out any important content so i just put the whole thing down. Lazy? Probably. Informative? Definately.

Originally Posted by burnthehero View Post
The Mars Volta is a lot like Seinfeld for me......I seem to be the only person on earth who hasn't "gotten it". I never realized what was so funny about Seinfeld and I've never seen what is so incredible about The Mars Volta that everyone else seems to have found. I don't have anything against them, I just don't see what makes them so great. I've bought every album so far, and, other than the drumming, nothing peaks my interest.

I'm going to get this new album and give it one last, good listen and see if I don't have that epiphany I've been waiting to hit me for the last few years.
First you attack the Mars Volta, and now Seinfeld!?!? You are destroying everything that is holy to me. JK. In all serious though, i could see where people wouldn't like the Mars Volta. Often times the lyrics are hard to comprehend(Both what Cedric is saying and what exactly it means) and the music can be very dissonant. But the thing that I really love about this band first and foremost is how radically different it is from anything else I listen to. And I listen to an insane amount of music, especially since i got an iPod. Anyhow, If its not your thing then there's nothing you can do about it. The Mars Volta are like Sushi. Some people love it, and other people wonder why your eating raw fish.
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