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Default Re: Does any one play another instrument

Originally Posted by khanedeliac View Post
Hahah, Im so old skool my truck gold chain is giving me neck pain...Yeah the floppy drive is the only drive I use, I convert all my samples and drum hits and bass sounds to mono before loading them onto a floppy, so it usually doesnt come to more than 1.4 Meg. If it does, for the meantime I just use 2 Floppy's, but at some point I may get a CF card reader cause it has the capacity to contain one...It might make transferring audio between Logic and the MPC a bit easier.

Havant, eh, my folks live in Barnham! We should hook up sometime when Im down there.
Yes! Meet you in Bern's drums in Chi. Do you gig with the Akai?
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