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Good points, and in some cases the drum manufacturers wrapped shells that were
not the best cosmetically. The wrap would cover up imperfections in the wood. I can't say that about Tama.

So the drums in question would probably need to be painted and probably would require extensive work if they were going to be stained. Also remember to cover each interior hole with tape so the paint and over spray does not get to the interior of the shell.

In regards to the switching of tom mounts it depends on certain factors. If they match up with the same hole pattern ( very unlikely) then there is not much to worry about. If on the other hand they do not, then you will need to get some dowel rods that fit snug. After the wrap is removed then plug the holes with the dowel and a little glue. Cut them with the appropriate tool and sand.

In regards to removing the wrap depending on the glue, you might need to slightly heat it with a heat gun to soften it. This of course has adverse affects if you heat it too long and potentially burn the wrap and or create unhealthy fumes. (do it outside)

The sound is an entirely different factor and there are many schools of thought on that. Many custom drum builders refuse to wrap drums because they feel that changes the tonality of the wood and restricts vibration of the shell.

In the end if the drum has the sound you require, it probably will not drastically change the sound by removing the wrap.

Going in the opposite direction and taking a painted or stained drum then adding wrap, you need to make sure heads will fit with the increase of material.

Hope some of that helps

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