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Originally Posted by sushiserenade View Post
Sorry to be a bother, but does anyone know for sure if he is right handed or left handed?

I've read this thread and people have said both. Can anyone clarify on what he is naturally?
Hey buddy! On the dvd "Under The Table And Drumming" Carter himself spoke of being right handed, but when he watched drummers on tv he set up his kit to mirror them. So, instead of having a traditional right hand set up, he mirrored the tv and ended up with a left hand set up and played that way for many years. Then, he set up his kit right handed and found out he had much more ability and worlds opened up to him traditionally. So, basically he played a lefty kit for years even though he is a righty, then switched to a righty traditional setup and used his lefty strength... "open handed."

In summary, he is right handed. But, by this point its pretty fair to say that he is ambidexterous.
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