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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
It's actually funny you say that.

Part of the reason I like the score for 'Blade Runner' so much is the fact that it expresses an inherent minimalism. There is very little going on and the music is much more geared to the expression of mood rather than to the literal action of the on-screen events.
Oh I definitely agree, as a whole it makes sense; but watching that particular scene in isolation, it seems lazy.

I like the overall score for the film, like I say, once put into context, the way it has been arranged makes sense when portraying the edgy futurism.

However, the foley work could have been better for the whole film; although that is technically a different department from the music.

Oh, and Id like to add to favorite film music... Requiem For A Dream (though it seems an obvious choice, now), Waking Life and Ghost Dog.
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