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Ha, thats funny man, my final Film Music assignment was to do all the foley and soundtrack work for a 4 min scene from Blade Runner.
Its the scene where he pulls up to the Bradbury Theatre where the mannequin is waiting for him. I put a lot of work into it and made sure not to watch the original until I had completed mine, and when I did I was disappointed with the original (for that scene) score, plus the overdub/foley work was virtually non-existent.
I actually thought my scene was better, but hey, I wasnt contracted to to the score to one of the best sci-fi films of all time so what do I know? ;)

My favorite film music...I cant pick just one but for the moment Ill go for something like natural born killers...the mood is captured almost exclusively by the sounds chosen. That is key to good film music.
It's actually funny you say that.

Part of the reason I like the score for 'Blade Runner' so much is the fact that it expresses an inherent minimalism. There is very little going on and the music is much more geared to the expression of mood rather than to the literal action of the on-screen events.
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