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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
Not my kit, but It's still pretty sweet
Yep......THAT, actually my kit Metal I am not kidding;-) I won the Terry Bozzio contest two years ago....Chamberworks which I had bought anyway being a fan of Bozzios' work..then I discovered there was a contest where you had to send in the serial code and your own information...I sent ONE entry ( somethers did a ton)...I got a call a month or so later and felt like passing out;-) do have to pay gift taxes on it when you win something over 10K...but still it was an incredible "buy" in that sense.

I was just doing warmups tonight on the snare actually. And it took awhile to get used to playing a big set again ( I had one as a teen) but I have consciously worked on material that incorporates a big set up....not just roundhouse fills.
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