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Default Re: Jobs Thread

wow i could go on forever with things I would like to do at some point.
but if I can spend my life making a living off the following, I will be extremely happy:
drumming and/or audio engineering
aerospace engineer (but working/owning an engineering contracting firm specializing in effecient design)
professional skiier (well, at least until I'm about 35 and out of my prime)

other things I wouldn't mind doing would be writing (Modern Drummer???), psychology, philosophy, pilot, teacher

many people say I should be a diplomat, lawyer, or politician because of my writing and oratory techniques, but I don't really want to be any of those.

I'm hoping I can have the ultimate fusion of things going for me next year. I'll probably end up at Arizona State majoring in Aerospace engineering and sustainability, and there's a variety of drum and music stores in Tempe/Phoenix (including MassMusic), so that would be amazing. And my #2 college choice has campuses in two areas with small-but-lively towns with good music scenes.
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