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He is my favorite drummer of all time, followed by MP. When I first started in playing drums My Sharona was big on the radio and I really liked the drums on it, so I would bang my Remo practice pad to the song constantly. Then I heard Tom Sawyer and from that point on Peart was my idol. I remember sitting there with the cassette player rewinding the lead over and over trying to figure it out. It was my first introduction to odd meter and I loved the challenge. The only problem was, after learning to play like Neil was a mistake for me as a young drummer. It took years and years to become a more rounded player. For instance, when I was a kid I played in a band that did Anthem (Rush), Highway Star (Deep Purple) and I could play all the parts, but when I went to try to play a Beatles song with my older brother I overcomplicated things and couldn't really get the groove. I don't mean to turn this post into a lecture, but if young drummers out there want to sound original, do what Neil says and master many drummers styles, not just one or two!

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