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Hey Jams- seems we are at it again ;-)

Grace Under Pressure was the last album of theirs I enjoyed. I keep waiting with bated breath. They really "jumped the shark" with that Aimee Mann tune.

Actually, the albums I am most disappointed with are Roll the Bones, Test for Echo and Vapor Trails.

I agree it is truly amazing that they have been together all this time, and I love the Rush Live in Rio DVD, because it has all the good tunes.

I guess, for me, they went away from their initial sound with these three albums, and I don't feel they really could pull it off. These records sound so out of place with current music, whereas up to 1985 or so, the music is timeless.

Summertime Blues is just an abomination. Such great musicians, and they put this out?

Again, disgruntled Rush fan (for 20 years now!) Regardless, the stuff up to 1985'ish is some of the best rock music ever recorded, and we can never take that away, even if they do a Brittney Spears cover album next ;-)
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