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Default Re: Private Master class in Köln Germany

Originally Posted by Latin Groover View Post
Lol. If you came down I'm sure you'd be able to get some surf time in. I used to surf a bit, but i haven't in a while. You could get down to Torquay, or Phillip Island and check the penguins. lol

Your right. Cat's pumpin'
I also have the new Moktar Samba CD! Definitely worth getting!!
that Mbalafunk stuff is superb.

Anyway slots are filling up now for the Seminar. If anyone is still interested better make it quick! havent heard anything from the cats in Australia. I imagine it will have to go the company route to get a hold of them. Maybe they dont really check out the general email address from the store. Who knows, BUT i am very keen on getting out there this year! So lets see.
Live to play!
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