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Rate Neil however you want. One thing is for sure and I think it is the point that people who put him down miss. He has his own "voice" behind the drums. There are incredible technical drummers out there like Weckl etc and as good as Dave is he could not play Neil's parts the way Neil plays them. Just like having someone sit in for Bonham. Yes the songs work but they are not the same.

I think Neil was a better drummer in the past than he is now and I think his "reinvention" plus his terrible family losses hurt his playing. He got bored and its understandable that he wanted to change his style but if its not broke dont fix it.

Listen to The Camera Eye" and tell me Neil isnt a bad ass because that is some very intense drumming there and his live performances in the 80's.. Forget about it. Rush without Neil would not work because his "voice" is essential and will forever be a huge part of drumming history.

Oh, and he writes all the lyrics.
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