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I'm a newby here. I see almost as much MP bashing here as I do on the rush forum! lmao
Well, I usually defend him, even though I'm sure a lot of people are sick of him. I met him in oct 1992 when they were young and hungry, when there were only 50 people in the audience. At that time, he was a focused individual who was working very hard for DT. His influences and age are very close to mine, so maybe I can relate to him more than some people. When I was a kid I idolized neil peart and my drum teacher dogged on him saying he does stuff the same all the time. I couldn't see what he meant then but now that I'm a more "seasoned" player (old bastard) I see a lot of Neil AND Mike using certain patterns a lot. Who can really dispute how much these guys are appreciated? MP mailed me two majesty boot CD's in 1995 for free, so I don't think the guy's that bad. He was pretty damn cool to talk to, actually.
(OK, let the ripping begin!)
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