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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by youenjoy00myself View Post
The new lugs are kind of cool. Look a lot to me like Gretsch's new classic lugs. I am one of many who dislike their original lug design so this peaks my interest. Check out that mega glitter finish that Macmarkus posted too.

EDIT: Gutenberg: I just saw your post. DW puts their "DW logo" stock heads on the PDP kits, too, so that is definitely a Pacific kit. Maybe a new series?
i think they are. a lot of there new stuff seems to be leaning towards the custom end of things. they're putting out a boat load of new 805 finishes. i got my eye on the black with neon green hardware. it looks like a really classy set. like above lxe. i can't wait.

maybe dogbreath or bernhard could get us some pics from our friends at pdp? thanks.
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