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Originally Posted by KzSgDrummer View Post
"No punk rocker drummer can play these guys' parts, but all these guys can play punk rock."

Yeah Weckl could play the notes of a punk groove, but I doubt he could get the raw and gritty vibe down. IMO he's too polished to pull it off.
I attended Dave's master class at Drumtech (London) last week. I can tell you, that guy can lay down a fat rock groove. He's not all Jazz.

The lesson was a real eye opener. He's technique is fantastic - so loose and fluent.

He spoke about how and why his setup and technique has changed over the years and it seems to me that he's a lot more about feel and groove than before.

He also mentioned that during that day, he was checking out his videos on Youtube and reading the comments of others! So, Dave if you're reading... Great class. Respect!
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