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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

A series of WFD arguement has been removed from this thread and posted in the WFD thread here.
i have taken the billy bits out and put them back here:

dogbreath said...
So... back on subject! Thanks to Billy Ward I've really gotten into smaller sizes for hi hats. I haven't made the move to anything drastically small (although I was lucky enough to try out a set of 11-inch hats that Billy helped design), but I'm really loving my new 12-inch K Custom Dry hats. Any other fans of relatively small hats?
and i replied:
i played 13'' dark paiste hats at church and i must say they were far more controlled and, for want of a better description, had a silvery sound to them. very elegant. now for my rock playing they would probably not do so well, although i never got the chance to really bash them and see how they sing, but in church they fitted everything very well. i would say they were great for funk and jazz but not for punk. i would like a pair for studio work. and now i am intrigued about having a try on even small hats. Dogbreath, i suppose smaller hats would fit in your giant kit neater as well.
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