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Default Re: Times you've put your foot in it....

Well I have a particularly embarrassing story, and like Rob I was on the other side of the conversation.

Some of the local Catholic middle schools (including mine) decided to start this yearly student exchange thing where basically for one day a random student from each school would spend a day at another school. So I was this lucky kid one year. It was kind of nice because you miss a day of school, but anyways... Keep in mind that at this time, I had grown my hair out reasonably long. So I get there and we go through the morning assembly at this other school, and then go to homeroom. The teacher had asked my name earlier, to which I replied "Ian". However, there was an error in communication and she thought I said "Anne". (You know where this is going). So when I introduce myself to the class and talk about me or whatever, the teacher mentions something along the lines of me being a "smart girl".

If I had just said my name a little bit louder... And then of course it's worse because I have to decide how I'm going to say "Uh, I'm a guy...".

Ah, middle school. How I would never like to return to those times.
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