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Default Re: Times you've put your foot in it....

always differentiate between condenser and dynamic microphones- especially when talking about the crowd and/or the conductor between songs

another instance: I was at a basketball game in a crazy student section a couple years ago, and the ref made a bad call (in all honesty- it was a bad call), and I start yelling crap at the ref. The kid in front of me says "umm...the ref is my dad"
one of those Southwest Airline "Wanna get away" moments...

another horrible moment was as we were finishing the last song on an album, I do the crescendo cymbal rolls around the cymbals (yeah, I know) and go to choke them after a few seconds to let the room die off; as I reach out, the stick in my right hand leaves my grip, and i kid you not, time has never gone so slowly. I just watched the stick falling, it felt like an hour just knowing it was going to hit the toms and ride while the mics were still active.
I have not choked a cymbal at the end of a song since.
"When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe."- Henry Thoreau
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