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Default Re: your wisdom woodshed

Originally Posted by jplive View Post
New member here and a new beginner drummer. I have been playing guitar and singing for many years and always wanted to learn to play the drums so I bought a Yamaha electric drum set last week. This looks like a great site for learning all kinds of things drums. I hope to learn a lot here. I'm 37 yrs old so I'm starting kinda late but I know the basics of how to keep a beat from the drummers in the bands I have been in so hopefully I will learn fairly quickly. I know I'm having a blast so far.

it's the loft in my house. I went electric so as not to bother my wife to much LOL.
Nice pad. How does the slanted wall affect the sound? I have moved into a new home and my music room is upstairs and there is a slanted wall behind the set, but not that large, and I think it helps reflect the sound better.
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