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Default Re: Times you've put your foot in it....

This happened TO me although it wasn't me putting the foot in my mouth.

I either had just graduated high school or I was going to be soon and I got a call from an Army Recruiter. The call pretty much went like this:

Army: Good afternoon Sir, have you given any thought to joining the Army after high school?

Me: Nope

Army: That's too bad. Let me ask you, are you involved in sports at all?

Me: Nope. I've never liked sports.

Army: Were you active in gym or other physical activities during school?

Me: No, I didn't do any of that.

Army: Might I ask why?

Me: Because I have Cerebral Palsy.

Army: *30 second pause* Oh....have a good day sir and good luck to you in whatever path you choose *click*

So apparently they don't research who they call first :-D
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