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Default Re: Times you've put your foot in it....

Originally Posted by DrumGod View Post
Hey if you find someone that never happened to Congrats cos i think it happened to everyone.

I Have a very similar one. In 4th year in school my class had to put on a play of Grease with a drama school (I was backstage crew due my bad dancing and inabiltity to carry a tune :D) . After a bad dress rehearsal the leader of the Drama School was giving out and i was very annoyed and i commented to a girl beside me "I wish that old ***** would shut the **** up and stop being such a **** we have never been in plays before this is our first time everyone is nervous and that old cow aint helping anyone!!!" The Girl replied "eh thats my Grandmother!!

My Reply....."eh oh well i just think she a perfectionist" and awkwardly walk off
I know what the first two sets of asteriks are, but curious as to what the 3rd set means haha.
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