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...playing with screwdrivers again.

I, like so many other drummers bought an acrolite some years ago. I did not use it very much, so following my natural inclination towards tinkering, I stripped it, and used many of the parts for other projects. I was bored today, and the drum shops were closed, so I thought that I would see if I could put the little beast back together again.

I found the lugs, but I could not find the springs or the lug nuts, so I had to dig through every rat pile in my shrine to find what I needed. I could not find springs, so I got this brainwave and cut up some tubing to use instead.

I bought a length of this tubing to cut up for cymbal sleeves. I found it at a home brew/ winemaking shop. It was pretty cheap, and it works great for protecting cymbals . You will have to excuse this picture as it is a little out of focus, but you should get the idea.

as you can see, the tubing fit the lugs, and it is flexible, and rattle free. I used the bracket from a gibralter tom clamp as my template, as it was the right length for the insert.

I had to scrounge for the lug nuts. I did not have enough of the right size, so I used what I had. You can see if you look at the two lugs pictured here that the length of each is different. I also had to scrounge around for the rods. I also could not find the original butt plate, or the nuts and bolts for the throw off, so I had to pull out the old cordless and use a Gibralter throw off that I had.

As it was with that little piece-0-crap snare that I frankensteined back together, this snare is not any form of drum building art. It was just another excersise in improvisation that allowed me to transfer a bunch of odds and ends into a usable drum.

I could save myself a lot of effort buy just leaving this damn stuff alone in the first place, but what fun is that ?

...if you can't keep it civil, at least make it funny.

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