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Originally Posted by kepplehall
Hey I never said I worshipped him or that hes the best out there, come on, do not make an arguement out of nothing, I merely said he was a cool guy and a great drummer. I personally do not like DT for a lot of reasons, one major one being the singer, another being the really overused common themes from album to album (sick of hearing the words "glass prison") and another being the simplistic guitar riffs. And I agree that his solos are pretty lame, he has said himself that he does not even like doing them and often times he will include getting audience members on stage to interact during most his "solo" time. It is true there is a lot of people out there that do not get noticed that should who possess more striking abilities, but that is life, I know of a lot of obscure prog/death metal drummers that can do a wider variety of skills. Portnoy is great for drumming in general though, he has inspired a lot of people and I think that is great, I have run across many drummers that started playing because of or partly because of his influence. There are guys out there currently that I enjoy listening to more, for example Martin Lopez from Opeth, I have followed them since they began and have seen Martin's evolution since he joined on their 3rd album, their latest album Ghost Reveries has some brilliant drumming on it, but I will always respect Portnoy.
Very true...but he had a kit that is made fun of so much on the forums....he has turned into a joke.
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