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Default Re: Private Master class in Köln Germany

Originally Posted by Phil Maturano View Post
Well...that would be great!! I dont have any contacts to the guys who run that festival. Do you know who they are? I am actually starting to book a world tour in support of the re release of my DVD by Hudson. So this seems to be a perfect idea to get over there.

Do you know when the festival is taking place?
This is the website to the store that runs the festival. The owner/founder of the store Frank Corniola started the festival 15yrs ago. It's like the MD Fest of the southern hemisphere. They haven't got any info on the site about 08 Fest yet, which is good as maybe they haven't finalized the artists. It is normally held later in the year around September but 07 was a bit earlier, on the 28th/29th of July weekend.
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