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Dennis is one scary player and has been for a VERY long time. The thing that kills about this guy and always has since I first saw him play live back in 89 to today is the incredible sense of depth behind what he does seperating him by a country mile IMO from other chops style players. Sure he can technically play things that most other 3 drummers combined couldn't pull off chops wise but it's his sense of intent,purpose,groove and rhythmic concept, polyrhythms and metric modulation and phrasing taken to the extreme that has me chucking ever time I hear live on a video clip or on recordings,he's got the complete package covered. In a jazz group or electric jazz band he will swing a band to their grave or lay down some of the meaness grooves heard in popular music situations well at the same time turn around by playing some pretty advanced musical solos you rarely hear from this style of player. Totally amazing musician and one those rare freaks

Steamer, no way I could've put it any better than that. I gotta get me some more Dennis Chambers.
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