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Default Re: Private Master class in Köln Germany

Originally Posted by Phil Maturano View Post
Hello everyone I just wanted to let you know I am doing a private seminar in the Köln Area on Sunday - January 27th.
here is a description of the event.

This is a concept for master classes that I have run very successfully here in the states. It is Limited to 15 people per event. We concentrate on YOUR playing by your heavy participation in the event. You will play to tracks, read charts, be asked questions about your technique and playing concepts by me and other participants in the class. Then I will analyze and give you feedback on all areas where more work can be done. I am providing all curriculum and the class lasts 4 hours. There will be breaks of course. Everyone will participate, that's why it's limited to 15 people.

If you are interested in participating please email me at

The cost is 50 Euros for the day and you will receive material and play alongs for you to take with you. I hope to see you there and wish you all the best.
Phil M.
Man that sounds great...Wanna come to Australia with that class Phil?...Seriously do you have any plans for coming to Australia in the future? I'd love to have the opportunity to go to a clinic of yours.
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