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Originally Posted by slingerland755 View Post
He is truly missed.....
That's the cool thing though about Jeff---every time you turn around you hear SOME TRACK that he played on, or had something to do with in some way. That legacy is still inspiring people (of which I am one).

I heard a Gospel group the other day and they did a tune called "Let me Leave a Song".

Jeff left upward of 702 songs for us to learn from.
That's a crazy amount of work for the 21 years he was here working. 38 years on the planet and 21 of those actively using what he'd been handed to touch hearts and make folks just FEEL good. His playing is one of the reasons I'm glad we have CDs and cassettes and vinyl to hear things from. It's a learning experience for some of us.

There's a life-lesson in what he did. Never take what God hands you for granted-whether it's drums, or the roof over your head or the people in your life. I think he used the talent in the right way-always inspiring and it's an uplifting thing.
Great legacy to leave when ya go, right?

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