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Default Re: Carter Beauford

For setups I have noticed that he definately changes some of his cymbals for every tour (which would be every year). That guy looking for his Hi-Hats this past tour he was using 13.25 Hybrids.
As for trying to find most up to date setups I wouldn't trust the "Brands" website as I am sure they will say "such and such artist uses all this gear from us" when in reality they might have purchased it from this brand but they arent for sure using it.

I have found that the most up to date and accurate (to the tours) listing of what he uses can be found at the

But don't think that that list is 100% accurate either as I have seen him change things from show to show (this last summer they played twice here and he made a few changes the second night) It's also cool to see drummers with endorsments using prototypes. For instance we saw him trying those new EFX cymbals from Zildjian before they came out, and nothing like a live performance to hear how they sound.
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