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Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
So I just had a thought... if this argument is over it being a public broadcast, if I'm driving down the street and I have my windows open and I'm blaring a CD and others can hear it, doesn't that count as a public broadcast and therefore this "copyright" infringement?
now listen to that... ZAiKS a Polish organization comitted to collecting copyrights of Polish artists, came up with a 'great' idea. they wanted barbers, and taxi drivers to PAY for PLAYING MUSIC in barber shops and cabs... can you imagine that? if it's not sick, what is it? :)

and yeah, you're right, that's not artists (generally, and if yes, they're usually oversensitive, and/or having some problems with their self-esteem or feel underrated :P) but recording companies. that's who pointed me as a 'law-breaker' :). i think Lou Reed would be cool about it... we'll see. or no ;)
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