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Default Re: Jeff Porcaro "Eye to Eye"

From Jeff's Discography at Toto Network

Eye to Eye
Track listing

1 Hunger Pains -jeff track
2 Life in Motion -jeff track
3 Nice Girls -jeff track
4 More Hopeless Knowledge
5 Progress Ahead -6 Physical Attraction -jeff track
7 Time Flys - jeff track
8 On the Mend

Album credits
Julian Marshall Keyboards
Jeff Porcaro Drums
Dean Parks Guitar
Timothy B. Schmit Vocals
Ian Underwood Synthesizer, Keyboards
Ruth Underwood Percussion
Starz Vander Lockett Percussion
Eye to Eye Main Performer
Elliott Randall Guitar
Jim Keltner Drums
Deborah Berg Vocals
Abraham Laboriel Bass
Rick Derringer Guitar
Donald Fagen Synthesizer, Keyboards
Chuck Rainey Bass

this album was tracked in 1982........five or six years BEFORE the instructional he did, which was '87-'88 @ Schnee Studios.


8in. cup chime
6in. cup chime
(2) TWO 18" crash
1 16" crash (fast crash, maybe?)
20" Formula 602 Ride (I'd LOVE to own one!)
14" Formula 602 hats

Paiste told me that Jeff's cymbal consist circa '92 included 13" Signature heavy hats, a 10" signature splash, 20" signature full ride and various other stuff. (Lost the piece of paper I wrote it down on-but I remember the splash as part of it because I thought it was cool that he had one listed in the set up.
Mostly, it's all crashes of various sizes.

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