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you know, from what i've read about their rules - ok - they were right, there was something written there about covering songs. so yes, i've made a mistake and i'm fully aware of it.
i just think, that general copyright laws, are getting sicker with time. personally if i would be a famous artist, i wouldn't mind if people would creatively use the loops from my songs, or even the whole melodies, unless they labeled them as their own - that's not fair. when i loop a song, i always place the name of the composer or at least artist who played it, just to be honest.
now i realise there is a written law, which i've broken, but come on, should everything on this world become so formalized? i wouldn't be surprised if they'll eventually come up with a law, which will require us to get a permission (or buy!) for using names of famous people in private conversations...

i'm definitely FOR 'copyleft' policy, it seems the most sensible way of dealing with the problem.
It's usually not the artists who have the problem, although some do. It's the record companies who feel as if their pockets are being robbed by others getting to hear the music for free instead of buying the album.
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