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Default Re: Your Drumset link?

Yes, I apologize - whole section removed.

What started as a little idea went to a disaster.

First i thought, this would be a good platform for our forum-members...beside the picturegallery here in the forum. But only three or four forum-members joined. Then i had 500 entries in some days - took me so much time to build all these sites, resize the pictures an uploading the soundfiles and so on.

Then new entries kept coming in: all in all 6500!!!! Couldn't manage that.

Then the complaints came in:

- why does it take so long...
- why don't you feature me in the main gallery
- please change the pictures
- please change the soundfiles
- why don't you put up videos
- can you change my my mail adress
- can you ad my mail adress
- can you remove my mail adress
- can you change the link
- can you ad the link
- can you remove the band i played - all bastards
- can you ad my new band.
- can you change the picture of my girlfriend, have a new one...

So i decided to close it.

So also now I received some harsh comments....

Again: i apologize.

Next step will be a program, where everybody can upload himself, i work on this...

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