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Default copyright?

ok, so i've got me a problem. yesterday i've made a remix of Velvet Underground's tune, which i put on MySpace (i also put it on Putfile, and there was no problem). today i found out that my MySpace account was banned from uploading files, because of me breaking the copyright law.

tell me now, i understand, that copyright is something that protects you from not earning money, for something you created, but i think it should not limit people, who try to make a tune popular again, by CREATIVE covering. maybe i'm wrong, but i think that most of today's artists (take Stanton Moore for example. i covered "Doo Rag" and put it on youtube, then i mailed him to ask if it's ok, and there was totally NO PROBLEM) wouldn't care if some amateur dj-wannabe remixes their tunes just for fun, and not earning money. so i totally don't believe that Lou Reed (or Andy Warhol awakened from his grave) would have any problem with this. don't you think?

so what do you think should i do now? who should i contact, to become a decent guy, and not some criminal who steals people's intellectual property?
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