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Default Re: Jeff Porcaro "On Every Street"

THE FOLLOWING is taken from the website "Jeff Porcaro Session Tracks"

--Dire Straits / On Every Street (Warner, 1991)
No track specific credits; 1 of 2 drummers (also Manu Katche); known to be on*)
Track list: *Calling Elvis - On every street - When it comes to you - Fade to black - The bug - You and your friend - Heavy fuel - Iron hand - Ticket to heaven - *My parties - Planet of New Orleans - How long

SOMEWHERE, I believe Keltner credited Jeff with "Heavy Fuel" --in an interview after Jeff passed away. I'll keep looking for that.
OBNOTE: I looked on my copy of "Sultans of Swing/Best of..." and both Jeff and Manu are credited but not for particular tunes. I DO BELIEVE Jeff played on "the Bug" from "On Every Street". That just sounds like a track he'd do.

OBSERVATION: Hungate has stated Jeff had a pretty cryptic sense of humor and had a quick wit. Toward the end of "Heavy Fuel" there's a shot somebody takes at a ride cymbal bell, real quick "take THAT" sort of lick. Something tells me that's Jeff.

I'll keep digging 'til I find his name (or don't) on that track. I think it's in the interview with Keltner. We gotta find the answer to this one.

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