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well the simple fact that he uses triggers on his drums makes him a joke, you have no idea how much of the groove he is actually playing.
first of all triggers arelike mics in that they are involved with sound.joey is ensuring his drums sound mean at every venue and so will i eventually go this way, heck a huge portion of pro drummers do this anyway. it is no indication at all that this is a lack of skills. i'm surprised at this post from you. i tell you in myopinion, Bonham would have used triggers were he alive today. listen to the timps on his 'montreaux'. triggers just combine the sound of the drum to another drum sound making a newer meatier drum sound.

secondof all, if he is triggering loops (which i doubt), this still is not an indication of his drumming being a joke. playing to loops is exceptionally hard and a whole other skill. the greatest drummersdo it all the time...don't believe me?go and watch some dennis chambers vids.

thirdl, just watch joey play and listen. when the stick goes down there is sound. nothing inbetween to suggest he is cheating in any way. even if by somechance he was onlyplaying 80% of the groove i thinkl this would be impressive. in fact its far easier to be 100% in charge of the groove than to try and share it with a machine, especially during the mayhem of a slipnot concert. i'm not a fan of the band but i am a fan of drummers. don't bash what you don't understand


ps: sorry but i am in a mood today.
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