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Originally Posted by criz p. critter View Post
I don't remember seeing Keiko there that night, but he must have been married to her at that time. Cool that she tuned his drums for him!

Btw... ain't it a shame that guys like Elvin can't make a living in the US, but have to move to Japan or Europe cuz that's where they are appreciated?
Yes and she wasn't polite about it either in the sense that she really wacked the drums hard to check the tuning. On another side note the stage guys had placed Elvin's kick in the wrong spot on stage according to Elvin who brieftly sat behind the kit before the show started. Keiko had them remove to 2 metal pin braces hammered firmly into the stage holding the BD in place. Remember Elvin hit the bass drum with a wood beater HARD at times. She had them pull them out of the stage and reposition the kit and hammer the stop movement pins back in the stage in front of the bass drum. Quite the show that night in more ways than one criz p. critter.

Tough back then even tougher today even with someone a great as Elvin. Sign of the times on point #2.

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