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Okay Guys/Gals

I'd like some more opinions on the Dire Straits album please...

Originally Posted by elkor View Post
Actually, Manu Katche played on Heavy Fuel. The rest is Jeff.

I saw Manu at the Ultimate Drummers Day in Australia many years ago, and he told a hilarious story about the session.

He also said he was very wary of playing on that record, because in his mind it was Jeff's record, and they were very good friends. Apparently Mark convinced him to do a few takes and the result was Heavy Fuel.

As far as I can remember, it was his first take, he actually thought it was pretty average but apparently Mark dug it so they used it.
That's really interesting.

As a first listen, I thought, yep that's Jeff. Listening a bit harder, I'm sure I can hear some trade mark Katche splashes. Like maybe a 12" or something? Something you would rarely hear Jeff play.

I can say the same for "Planet New Orleans" though. The drumming on this track reminds me of something you'd hear from Sting's "Soul Cages".

The rest of the tracks sound Jeffrey like, with those big Paistes and that brush work.

Ahhh! I wish they'd credit properly!!!!!!!
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