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Oh YEAH! I was thinking about starting a thread for Tony Allen... I was amazed that no one had done it yet. Just hadn't gotten around to doing it. So thanks, Mook, for getting it started.

Every drummer on this forum should definitely check out some of Tony's work with Fela Kuti, or his solo stuff. iTunes store has 6 or 7 of his records, as well as most of Fela Kuti's. The guy was a total original, the virtual creator of Afro Beat drumming. His beats are driving, highly syncopated, and spot on in the groove. Not only was he a great drummer, he was also the music director for Fela's various bands over the years.

Fela and Tony were one of the big influences that were going around all over the world in the late 60's and '70. I love that period. I think that was such a great and fertile time for music. Miles Davis, James Brown, Sly Stone, Fela Kuti––as well as lots of others––they were all listening to and influencing each other's work, percolating and cross-pollinating funk, jazz & rock.

Anyone else out there a fan of Tony's? Well, speak up! Anyone reading this that hasn't heard him yet? Well, check him out. You'll be amazed.

One more thing... you're right, Mook. Tony Allen was an influence on Ginger Baker. In fact, there is a record by Fela Kuti that features Ginger playing alongside Tony. It's called "Fela Kuti featuring Ginger Baker & Afrika 70" (wow, what a creative title!). They play really well together. The only part where I lose interest in this record is where Ginger takes a solo. Not that he's not a great soloist--I'm a big fan of Ginger and his soloing... It's just that throughout the rest of the record they groove together so well, that it's a letdown for me when they stop.
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