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Default Re: need advice from aussie drummers!

OK, I'll offer what advice I can, but it's not much I'm afraid...

I live in the Sydney area, and I drum... however, I play for a couple of the churches out where I live, and most of the other drummers that I have contact with here do the same.. so I have almost no experience with the music scene here.. (clubs, etc...)

However.., Sydney is the largest city in Australia.. therefore it stands to reason that the more people there are, the more likely it will be for you to find someone to play with, and places to play. There is a large music scene here with a ton of bands playing nightly... There are quite a few music stores that cater to working muso's and most of them have bulliten boards that offer space for muso's looking for other muso'd. There is also Drum Media weekly newspaper that deals almost exclusively to bands and such.. with a classified section in the back. Each week there are at least 25-30 ads for people looking for a drummer.. (and other sections devoted to other instruments). If you are a decent player, and are willing to work at it, I see no reason why you wouldn't be 'successful' here.

I've heard that Brisbane has a decent music scene, but there are far fewer people, and places to play. So..............

I know it's not much help.. but I've offered what I can. Maybe take a trip down and look around for a week or two.. talk to people and take in a few shows.. Contact Drum Media and get a paper. They probably offer one for Brisbane too...

There is always a church looking for a good drummer too.. Some of them are quite large and have some pretty talented people playing for them..

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