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Default Re: Geddy Lee?? are you here in Detroit????

Originally Posted by danander11 View Post
Very good stuff... Neil had a great perspective that he brought to music and it's a real hoot to play along sometimes..

As a side note, I just posted in general discusion some ?'s about setting up and mixing at home.. maybe you could offer a bit of advice? Seemed like you had a balanced sound and it recorded well..


One other thing, Take a look at these guys.. They have the whole Rush thing down.. I found them through some comments that Neil Peart made.. Enjoy!
Wow! Great find, danander! COS Band are awesome!

I've seen/heard about a half dozen Rush tribute bands in my travels, and have NEVER seen a band as close to the real thing as the Caress Of Steel Band is. They got it all down. The look AND the sound. As good as it gets without the real 3!

Well Done and Play On! ;-)
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