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He was my fav as a youngling. I've seen them 5 times all throughout their years. Tommy Lee is not in the same class as Alex Van Halen. Its like comparing apples and oranges. I'm not knocking Tommy Lee since he can play a rock beat well. Howevevr, Alex Van Halen was in a class all his own. Unless you really sit down and listen closely, you will miss quite a bit of what he is all about. Listen to how he works his hat. Listen to his doubles as he hits the cymbal ( did you catch these? ). It wasn't immediately obvious to me. There are other subtle tricks he pulled that you don't catch until you listen to the song many times and can isolate it. Just amazing.
Very true about Alex. The magic about Alex, I think, is that he does things that are not always that hard but they are just Alex and you may not have heard any other drummer play it. Whether a fill or a beat Alex plays things that are sometimes out of the ordinary. He plays some hard stuff also. The drum fill before the "Dreams" guitar solo still amazes me. His beginning beat to "Finish what ya Started", not terribly hard, but that song help me tremendously to learn about independence seperating beats w/snare hand and foot. I could go on and on. I stated before about the drummers taking things to Extreme levels, But I have been impressed by Alex many many times over. It doesnt have to be Out of This World to be impressive.

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