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Yeah, some people have asked me if the singer was female!

I think after you get used to it, you realise that Geddy's distinct voice matches their style perfectly.
But the main drawcard to RUSH is that they are all masters of their respective instruments and they play live with incredible force and accuracy. No, I haven't seen them live personally, but have several live video's and CD's.
Have a look at "A Show of Hands" on video, not just at the drumming, which is wild, but check out Geddy's ability with the Bass and keyboards and of course singing while he's at it......just remember to take a breath every now and then!!

A couple of great live CD's to get are:
"All The World's a Stage" from a 1976 concert, the song "Anthem" is just nuts.
"Exit...Stage Left" this of course has the best drum solo I have ever heard, "YYZ". (please no Moby Dick fans get upset..I love that too!! ) Check out Neil's website for a great animated version, very cool.

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