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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by freeds View Post
The thing is guys HAVE to stop thinking as DRUMMERS and think as musicians.
No one, and I mean NO ONE except other drummers care about all of those chops. The chops must serve the music. There are so so many guys who can play this roll or that combination and will never get called for a gig. Musicality is the most important thing. That means good sound, time, taste, communication and big ears.
Steve is a perfect example of the ultimate musical drummer- that is why he is on so many records for so many years. Even if he had never taken great solos he would go down in history as having THE defining groove of the 1970's.
Max Roach once told me that the most important thing that I can do is learn to play the piano. Everytime I would see him he would ask,"so, hows th epiano coming?"
Advice like this from a master is not to be taken lightly.
BTW in regards to the gadd vinnie dave thing.... I was just talking to a respected WORKING drummer here in nyc and we both commented on the fact that gadd blew them both away with his musicality. When he comes in at half the dynamic level that the other guys played you realize that he is about MUSIC and not sports.

WELL SPOKEN!! That are my thoughts too
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